“We were trapped.” Saeed’s voice grew quiet as he recalled the months he spent inside ISIS-controlled Mosul. “We didn’t have any chance to flee because ISIS besieged us, [leaving] no safe exit,” he said. Mosul used to be home to more than 2 million people — many of them Christians. But in June 2014, ISIS arrived, announcing that residents had three options: convert, pay a fine, or die. Locals who didn’t immediately flee underwent terrible cruelty. Men whose beards weren’t long enough could be imprisoned or receive up to 60 lashes. Women not wearing veils could be fined or whipped. The terrorists even used children as human shields. “We were living in very bad conditions, suffering from the lack of services and access to health care,” Saeed said. This was the most difficult part for Saeed, whose name we’ve changed to protect his identity. Saeed suffered from a chronic stomach ulcer... View Article

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